Yellow Lock Symbol – How To Fix It

So, why is there a yellow lock symbol displayed in your browser?

Web browsers display a padlock symbol next to the website address. If your website has an SSL certificate installed (recommended) the padlock should be green. If the lock is yellow, it’s warning you that there are certain elements on your site/page that are not secure.

yellow padlock

This can be cause for hackers to hack your site. There is no point installing SSL unless your website is secure. It’s like having a sign on your front gate saying “Beware of Dog” when you don’t actually have a dog.

How To Fix The Yellow Lock

Now, by no means am I tech savvy, but here are a few easy fixes that you can implement.

  • Make sure all images on your website are using HTTPS and not HTTP
  • Make sure any external scripts running on your site are using HTTPS such as Google fonts, background images etc.
  • If you’re using widgets to run banner Ads, make sure the HTML code is HTTPS

Hopefully by implementing theses fixes you should be able to restore your lock back to green.

If you use WordPress, there are WP plugins that can do the job for you and prevent the yellow lock being displayed again, but if you’re new to all this stuff and you find for example that the cause was from a banner image, just remove the banner.

Keep it simple and clean, the last thing you want to be doing is messing around with complicated code.

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