seo terminology

Understanding SEO And Website Terms

Are you new to blogging and want to learn all the different terms and expressions used in the online world? Being familiar with these terms can really help you understand the things you read much better. I didn’t particularly like having to learn all the techo stuff and jargon when I started out blogging. But, […]

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website hosting

Affordable Website Hosting 3 Years For The Price Of 1

Are you searching for an affordable website hosting platform? Three For One Hosting may be the solution. Get three years of hosting for a one-time payment of less than $60 I’ll cut to the chase.. this website runs on the Three For One Hosting platform, and so far so good. However, this is a fresh […]

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choosing your domain name

Choosing A Domain Name For Your Blog

Owning your own domain name is the easiest, and cheapest way to increase the professionalism of you and your business. When choosing a domain name you need to consider a few things. People are much more concerned with YOU, than they are about your business opportunity or product offer. You may have the greatest product […]

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kdp select

Make KDP Select – Choose Categories You Want

If you publish books on Amazons KDP select platform here’s a little trick you can implement to get KDP to place your book into the exact category you want. Why? to increase your books chances of getting maximum exposure. The problem is, KDP makes it bloody impossible to select the exact category you want your […]

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lock symbol

Yellow Lock Symbol – How To Fix It

So, why is there a yellow lock symbol displayed in your browser? Web browsers display a padlock symbol next to the website address. If your website has an SSL certificate installed (recommended) the padlock should be green. If the lock is yellow, it’s warning you that there are certain elements on your site/page that are […]

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don't follow me

NoFollow Tag Explained In Layman’s Terms

What is a nofollow tag? When a search engine “bot” lands on your website page, it crawls through and scans or reads the text on that page. This is how it figures out what your page is about. In terms of SEO, each time the “bot” comes to a link on your page, it follows […]

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