NoFollow Tag Explained In Layman’s Terms

What is a nofollow tag? When a search engine “bot” lands on your website page, it crawls through and scans or reads the text on that page.

nofollow tags

This is how it figures out what your page is about. In terms of SEO, each time the “bot” comes to a link on your page, it follows that link and crawls the page that you linked to (external or internal). You are essentially telling the “bot”, “Hey Bro, take a look at this!.

It’s akin to giving the thumbs up sign to the page you’re linking to. In other words, you’re spreading Google love.

When To Add The NoFollow Tag

Not all sites should be linked to. Hence enter the nofollow tag. Google gives a good explanation, but here is a basic overview of some sites you shouldn’t link to.

Paid Links & Ads

Linking to paid advertisement sites or sites from which you’ll earn commissions like an affiliate link to the sales page, is probably a good example of when you should add the nofollow tag (Although some would disagree)

Comment and Forum Links

Bots cannot register or log in, so it’s not really favorable for search engine “bots” to visit that site.

Untrustworthy Sites

If you’re not entirely sure of the sites trustworthiness, then adding the nofollow tag is a good practice.

Not every search engine honors nofollow links or treats them the same, However, the majority of Web searching is done using Google anyway, so it makes sense to stick with their standards.

Not using the nofollow tag can hamper your websites success, so adding one (when necessary) is simple and completely worth the time and effort.

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