MonsterMode 700K Review – Confused?

If you haven’t already heard about MonsterMode 700K, and you’re an affiliate marketer.. my guess is, you will come across it sooner or later.

When you first come across MonsterMode 700K it does seem a little confusing, that’s because there are two parts to the program.

Membership and customer.

MonsterMode 700K What is it Exactly?

Firstly, lets get the paper-work out of the way.

  • Creator: Bryan Winters
  • Launch Date: May 23rd 2020

You’ve probably read a handful of other reviews already. So I won’t bore you with repeating all the other (admin stuff) just the main points.

Two Sides to this Affiliate Program

MonsterMode 700K has two different programs.

  1. MonsterMode Pro
  2. MonsterMode 700K

MonsterMode Pro

This is actually the membership site.

So, if you purchase MonsterMode Pro through an affiliate link (yes that is my affiliate link below).


You’ll be directed to this website.

MonsterMode Membership

It will have an add-to-cart button, if you select that you will then be sent to the check-out page (see below). NB: The initial launch price was $17 as time goes on the price will increase.

Monstermode purchase

Once you have completed your purchase, you will then have access to your MonsterMode 700K back office.

Monstermode 700K

The Back Office

In your back office you will have already been approved for the 5 cash plugins that will show a green “Active” button on the left, but the red buttons on the right will have to be linked.

If you click each “Not Linked” button and follow the prompts, that corresponding cash plugin will be automatically linked. NB: you will be sent to your “Warrior Plus” account to carry out the rest of the process.

Monstermode cash plugins

After linking all the plugins you will be able to promote MonsterMode with your own personal affiliate link that is displayed on the membership site.

MonsterMode 700K

Lets say you’ve carried out all the above and you now have your personal affiliate link.

So you want to promote your link (we’ll use my affiliate link again)

Once you click that link you will then be sent to this website (below)

Monstermode customer

This is not the membership site, but rather the website that promotes each of the 5 cash plugins that you were automatically approved for in your membership site.

  • CBMoney Vine
  • 5Figure Day
  • 5iphon Reloaded
  • IG Money Tree
  • Shop Monopoly

Here, your customer will have the option to purchase one or all of the 5 cash plugins, and your commissions are based on a tier system.


Hope this makes sense.

Remember the membership site rises in price each day. You can promote one or the other separately or both.

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