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Making Money Online And Becoming Disgustingly Rich

Making money online, is today’s digital gold rush. I know! It’s SIMPLY AMAZING that becoming disgustingly rich can be so easy!

Disgustingly drunk – yeah, but rich?

No way, Jose, I hear you say.

Here’s a satirical take on the funny side of making money online… heck, you may even know this story.


Okay! here it is…

The Funny Side Of Making Money Online

online business opportunity

In search for the perfect “making money online” business opportunity, I browse the internet for hours on end seeking the right fit for me.

At last, I may have found it.

This website looks impressive and is filled with five star testimonials. It even has a photo gallery of a beautiful family, who by sheer coincidence, live not far from me.

It looks promising except for one nagging question?

The program works for people just like me.

Some even live very near me. Mary Beth, a stay at home mother of 3, who was about to have her home repossessed, is now vacationing in the Bahamas with her family and making a 6 figure income while she’s away.

I’ve probably waited in line with her at the local grocery store since she lives in the next town, just a 20 minute drive from my own house.

The photo gallery of Mary Beth and her three beautiful angels is breathtaking. She’s willing to share her story with me about how she pulled herself out of financial ruin and is now living the dream.

Mary Beth just wants to encourage me to cast my doubts aside and start a new life. All it will take is entering my credit card number on a secure site and my dream will begin.

Obviously, the details of the business opportunity can’t be fully explained yet. The obscenely rich entrepreneur that founded the program and went from “rags to riches” knows that if he just gave it to me, I wouldn’t see it’s real value.

I probably wouldn’t follow the simple directions that he will outline step by step. The final result would be unacceptable to him. His only purpose in making this available is to improve my life and the lives of as many of us as he can with his secret step by step system.

He wants me to have the life Mary Beth enjoys.

Confident in the transparency of the advertising rules, I read the fine print on the 48th and final page of the website, and click on the large green “Take Me There NOW!’ button.


The entry price on the check out page takes me back a little, but I tell myself that the one-time fee of $495 is a small price to pay, as I’m about to get access to a system that will allow me to live the dream.

The welcome message from my sponsor is encouraging and she reassures me that the step-by-step system I’m about to learn is as easy as writing an email.

The money I could potentially earn is UNBELIEVABLE, and that’s only at level two, all I need to do, is find 3 people who are willing to join me on my journey towards financial freedom… just 3 people.

I mean, how hard can that be?

Fast Forward

Several weeks pass by, and all the people on my list of names (mainly family and friends) that I contacted have for whatever reason not realized the amazing opportunity that I presented to them… except aunt Valerie.

funny side to making money online

Heck! someone even laughed at me over the phone… their loss I reckon.

Weeks have turned into months and my other potential contact pulled out at the last minute, I find myself feeling a little deflated. Aunt Valerie keeps telling me that she’s proud of me, but I’m starting to think that this business opportunity may not have been the right fit for me.

After several months I decide the program wasn’t really a good fit, but I know there has to be the perfect “making money online” business opportunity out there somewhere.

I type into Google search… “work from home opportunities”

The Moral Of The Story

Making money online is definitely achievable, but in my experience it really does take work and a willingness not to give up.

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