Make KDP Select – Choose Categories You Want

If you publish books on Amazons KDP select platform here’s a little trick you can implement to get KDP to place your book into the exact category you want.

Why? to increase your books chances of getting maximum exposure.

The problem is, KDP makes it bloody impossible to select the exact category you want your book to appear under, since the category selection options do not correspond with the actual options listed in the Kindle Store.

kindle book research tool

When I started out publishing books on KDP select, I wanted my book to be listed under two specific categories.

  • Kindle Store › Kindle eBooks › Fiction › Comic Fiction
  • Kindle Store › Kindle eBooks › Humor › Comedy

But these options do not exist in the category selection tool. So, I chose the closest I could find.

  • Fiction › Humorous
  • Humor › Topic › Relationships

Once the book was published, I found Amazon put it under the following categories.

  • Kindle Store › Kindle eBooks › Humor
  • Books › Literature & Fiction › Women’s Fiction › Single Women

How To Make KDP Select Choose The Right Categories

KDP support are more than willing to place your book under whatever categories you wish, just follow these steps:

  • Don’t select any categories when you upload your book. Instead, scroll to the bottom of the category list and select NON-CLASSIFIABLE

Once your book is live, go to your KDP dashboard. At the very bottom of the page, select “Contact Us” and you will come to this page. Click on “Book Details”

kindle publishing platform

You’ll then arrive at this page. Click on “Changing Book Details”

kdp select

Fill out the “Submit” form with your request to have your categories changed. KDP select support will reply advising you they have manually added your book to the categories you requested.

Grab This Category List

To save the hassle of scrolling through the category selection tool in KDP select I’ve created a list of all the categories you’ll find there.

Click this link KDP Category Tree and you can copy and paste the list onto notepad to keep for your own reference.

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