Installing WordPress On Three For One Hosting

If you’re new to blogging, installing WordPress for the first time via FTP can be confusing.

I recently signed up with Three For One Hosting and although they make available the information and videos to help get you started, I felt that some of the instructions are a little bit confusing and miss a few important details… especially for someone brand new to blogging.

Hopefully this post will clarify a few things for the absolute beginner who wants to:

Connect FileZilla to their remote server

Install WordPress

So, I’m going to assume that you already have a few things set up.

  • You’ve signed up with Three For One hosting and have a domain name
  • You have your login details that were emailed to you, specifically for cPanel (username and password)
  • You’ve downloaded the latest version of WordPress and extracted the files.
  • You’ve downloaded and installed FileZilla (Client Version) on to your computer

Connecting FileZilla To Your Remote Server

Step 1 – Open FileZilla and in the top left you will see the Quickconnect tab with the boxes that need to be filled out with your details.


Starting with the Host box, this is the temporary FTP Hostname that should of been emailed to you after you signed up, it should be a set of numbers and look something like this:

Example: Temporary FTP Hostname: 123.456.789.111

Enter that set of numbers into the Host box

Next is the username box and password box. These login details should also have been emailed to you, these login details are for your cPanel, just enter the username and password into the boxes.

Lastly, unless prompted leave the port box empty and click the Quickconnect tab… That’s it! you should now be connected to your remote server.

Installing WordPress

Step 2 – Now that FileZilla is connected to your server, you’ll want to upload WordPress, but before we get to that you’ll need to open the folder that you need to install WordPress in.

Navigate to the folder named public_html and click on it. This is where your WordPress files will be uploaded.

public html folder

Once you’ve done that you will need to go to the folder where you downloaded and extracted your WordPress files. Hi-lite all the extracted files, right click and click upload.

uploading wordpress

The upload could take around 5 to 10 minutes, once the upload is complete you can exit from FileZilla and go to your website by typing the address in Google.


There you can set up your login details for your new WordPress site.

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