Choosing A Domain Name For Your Blog

Owning your own domain name is the easiest, and cheapest way to increase the professionalism of you and your business. When choosing a domain name you need to consider a few things.

People are much more concerned with YOU, than they are about your business opportunity or product offer. You may have the greatest product in the world, but if you don’t position yourself as a genuine person in the eyes of your visitors, you will more than likely go nowhere.

choosing a domain name

With that in mind, understand that you are always being judged… sized up and compared to other bloggers.

Having the right domain name is crucial for self-branding, and ensuring that your readers make it to your site instead of someone else’s.

Two Reasons You Need A Domain Name

Reason One:

First is the increased professionalism it gives you.

Having your own domain name doesn’t necessarily give you brownie points, because it is an expected practice today.. But NOT having one, will definitely put you behind the eight ball… Again, because having one is an expected practice today.

Choosing the right domain name for your Blog, eCommerce, Online training site’ etc.. should reflect the theme of your website.

My blog is not niche specific, but I did that on purpose. I wanted to be able to talk about a broad range of topics. If your website is going to be focused on a specific niche then the domain name you choose should reflect that.

Let’s say my domain name is

What would your first impression be? Do I sound like a professional.

Or do you picture a wannabe porn-star looking to get lucky?

The truth is irrelevant. I might be a millionaire but it wouldn’t matter because I’m being judged by that website address the instant someone sees it.

On the other hand, how would your perception change if my website address was

Now you’re left with two options. The impression you get is going to be either positive due to the nature of the name, or neutral because the actual domain name itself is neutral in meaning.

You can’t associate either to a company, product, or person. They are GENERIC.

The bottom line is that in each of these cases above, you are LOSING visitors/business just because of the domain name itself.

Reason Two:

The second advantage to having your own domain name is that you can now have a personal email address that is not dependent upon a 3rd party provider like AOL, Yahoo, or GMail.

We both know that it’s impossible to get an email address like or

They were picked up long ago.

But if you have your own domain name, you can choose any address you’d like:,, etc…

So, make sure you’re absolutely happy when choosing a domain name for your blog, because once you have it you can’t change it.

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