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Blog Topics From People’s Problems

Finding new blog topics to write about can be difficult. Creating content on a regular basis is an ongoing task.

When you find yourself running out of interesting topics to blog about, the pressure of running a blog becomes a whole lot harder.

And, as a result you might find yourself doing everything else but write. You might even get to the point when the thought of creating content becomes a pain in the proverbial butt.

Hey! it’s normal.

Most of us at one time or another have ran out of ideas to write about.

So, anytime you feel you have nothing to write about, try this simple exercise below.

Make A List Of Problems That People Are Looking To Solve

Every audience has some kind of problem at the front of their minds. When they come to your website they hope that you have a solution to that problem. A list of your readers’ problems will give you a great source of potential articles and blog posts.

ideas for blog topics

You can start by creating a spreadsheet. Or, if you prefer, take a blank piece of paper.

Start writing down potential topics that will help your readers. Don’t judge any idea that comes to you. Even if something feels irrelevant, it may spark a better idea.

You can keep adding to the list over time. Then, any time you’re not sure what to write, just pick a topic that you find interesting.

At the very least, you will have somewhere to start from.

Create Rough Out-lines For Your Content

Once you’ve decided on a topic, it is very tempting to start writing right away. But, that could actually make it hard for you. Instead, it’s better to have a rough outline of what will go into that piece of content.

Imagine Having Your Reader In Front Of You

Imagine that the person you’re writing for is sitting in front of you. They’re open to having a conversation with you.

They’ve told you their problem.

Now, it’s up to you to solve it. Don’t restrict yourself too much. Let your thoughts come naturally.

Blogging Tips:

Put the most important information first.

Your website visitors are looking for important information, so make sure you provide that information first.

Keep complex words to a minimum.

Don’t be tempted to use complex words to prove your strengths as a writer. Your job is not to impress your audience with your vocabulary.

It is to convey the information they are there to read. Most visitors to your site won’t have the time to read your text word for word. Instead they scan it to see whether it is of any help to them or not, keep things simple.

Write good content.

Make sure it sounds natural.

Move on.

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