Blog Commenting Swaps

Hey! I’m glad you’re interested in the idea of blog commenting swaps.

As bloggers we all know that building back-links plays an important part in ranking our website, so why not work together and build a network of blogs that link to each other.

Blog Commenting Rules

  • Prefer blogs in similar niche (Making money online, Affiliate marketing, Blogging, Kindle publishing.. etc)
  • NO porn sites, hate sites or any site that is distasteful.
  • I don’t use Disqus

How It Works

Leave a comment here that says something like: “Hey Freddy, sounds great” something along those lines.

Pick a post/page to peruse then leave a comment with your name, email and website.

When I read the comment and see your name matched with the comment left here, I’ll head over to your website, read a post/page and leave a comment.

So, lets link up and build ourselves a blogging network.

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