Affordable Website Hosting 3 Years For The Price Of 1

Are you searching for an affordable website hosting platform? Three For One Hosting may be the solution. Get three years of hosting for a one-time payment of less than $60

I’ll cut to the chase.. this website runs on the Three For One Hosting platform, and so far so good.

However, this is a fresh new website with a handful of posts and a handful of WP plugins installed (As of writing this article)

So, before I explain why I recommend Three For One Hosting, and why I think it’s worth considering.. ask yourself this.

  • If it’s your first ever blog, do you really need to pay top dollar for the “Big Boy” hosting companies? Answer, NO YOU DON’T

If you’re new to blogging Three For One Hosting has everything you need to get your new website up and running, you DON’T need all the bells and whistles.

At least not at this stage.

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No BS Three For One Hosting Review

I was lucky to get Three For One Hosting at $37

Right now you’re looking to fork out around $59 for three years of hosting, which is still a pretty good deal.

I won’t bore you with all the techo mumbo jumbo involved with Three For One Hosting.

All that stuff is on the sales page.

But, I will mention a few things that aren’t really talked about on the sales page.

Domain Name Registration Price

To secure a .com domain name with ID protection will cost you around $19 for a year.

But you don’t need to purchase a domain name with them.

My domain name is with NameCheap which cost me about $10 all up, and It’s a fairly straight forward process to point your domain name to Three For One Hosting DNS.

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Installing Your WordPress Site

Assuming you’re going to use WP and again if you’re a green-horn to blogging, installing WordPress can be a little tricky, because you have to install WP using FTP. They do have tutorial videos under the “knowledge” tab that show you how to go about it using FileZilla.

The Price

Okay, this is on the main website, but like I mentioned before.. three years of hosting for less than $60 is a competitive price in my book.

Pros And Cons

They all have pros and cons.. Next!

If you want to run 20 websites and crank out content every day on auto pilot.. this ain’t for you. If you plan to run a few blogs or maybe an eCommerce site etc.. Three For One Hosting is definitely worth taking a look at.

That’s pretty much it, the shortest review in history.

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Three For One Hosting

So, if you’re looking for a good alternative to the big-shot hosting companies, Three For One Hosting is definitely an affordable website hosting option.

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