Step 1: Choose Your Niche Market

Before you can create a squeeze page or start to collect leads, you need to know what your focus is, what niche market you’re going to target, and what people in that market are genuinely interested in purchasing.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time evaluating markets, but it is an important part in being able to build successful affiliate campaigns, since you want to be sure that the markets you are promoting are viable ones with an existing customer base.

If you are interested in promoting digital products, you could head over to and browse through various categories, or use their internal search engine to find specific product types.

You want to pay attention to the “gravity” score of potential products as this indicates the popularity of the campaign.

The higher the gravity, the better it’s selling.

You also want to take time to visit the merchant’s website to evaluate their sales copy.

Are they doing their job at converting visitors into buyers? You want to make sure that your efforts at directing potential customers will pay off.

You also should look for any “commission leaks”, such as the merchant accepting payment through outside channels. If someone purchases through an alternative provider than ClickBank, you won’t receive the commission.

Create a swipe file of potential products, and then run a quick search through Google for a closer look at what people are saying about the product, as well as the number of competitors appearing in the side column advertisements (Google Adwords).

Focus on niche markets that have a healthy amount of competition as it demonstrates that the niche is a viable one, but at the same time you also want to make sure that you will be able to compete in the market.

Lets Take A Look At Some Of The Different Types Of Niche Markets

Desperate Niches

Desperate niches are those in which the average buyer has a problem they are desperate to solve.

  • Maybe they’re lonely and they are desperate to find a partner.
  • Perhaps they’re dealing with mental, emotional or physical affliction that they’re anxious to seek relief from.
  • Or perhaps they are struggling financially or professionally and need guidance in getting their career back on track.

These people will gladly spend money if you can convince them you can give them the help they need. In desperate markets, you are a problem solver.

Passionate Niches

Passionate niches are those in which the average buyer is very passionate about the topic.

This type of niche includes hobbies like crafts, golf, collecting, drawing, painting, singing, cooking, video gaming… pretty much any type of hobby or pursuit that people feel extremely excited about.

These people will gladly spend money if you have what they are looking for at a good price.

Everyday Niches

These niches are those in which the average buyer might need or want the product, but not to the degree that they are willing to do nearly anything or spend nearly anything to get it.

These niches include things like household goods, small appliances, most types of consumer electronics, etc.

These people might spend money, but only if you can lead them to a good price or a hard-to-find product.

Longtail Keywords

An easy way of gaining leads even in the most competitive markets is by focusing on “long tail keyword phrases” within your affiliate campaigns and traffic generation strategies (such as article marketing or blogging).

Long tail keywords consist of multiple words rather than the industry’s ‘primary’ keyword phrase.

For example:

In the weight loss market, the term “Weight Loss” would be a primary phrase and therefore heavily targeted by advertisers.

To get around this, you could set up content based pages that focus on alternative, less competitive phrases

Example: ” How to lose weight quickly and easily”.

You’ll be able to rank much easier within the search engines while ensuring that the traffic you receive is still highly targeted!

Spend the day evaluating potential niche markets until you’ve settled on your first topic.

In the next step, you’re going to begin setting up your squeeze page system and collecting red-hot leads!

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