Step 4: Promote Your Squeeze Page

There are many different ways to promote your squeeze page, and get targeted traffic onto your site.

Here are a few quick and easy ideas:

  • Guest blog on related niche websites and include a backlink.
  • Post on relevant forums and communities in your market.
  • Pin graphics and memes relating to your page on Pinterest and link back to your squeeze page.
  • Conduct an ad swap with similar newsletters (just make sure that you sign up for a service that allows you to deliver traffic over time after you’ve established an online presence.)
  • Post on Facebook and Twitter, linking back to a helpful content/article on your affiliate blog or direct to your squeeze page as long as you have an enticing incentive offer.
  • Post comments and helpful responses on popular blogs in your niche markets as people will notice you and begin to check out your content pages.
  • Create a video for YouTube and link back to your squeeze page.
  • Spend some time on answering questions. This is a great place to tap into your niche market and generate premium traffic to your website and squeeze page.

A promotional method I like to use is solo ads. I use Udimi if your budget allows it, you’ll get $5 off by clicking the link.

It is definitely worth the money, especially when you’re just starting out building your subscriber list. Just make sure to pick a credible seller.

Read more about solo ads here

Be consistent! Whatever you do in order to generate traffic to your website, continue working at it!

Consistency is key.

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