Step 5: Send Out Emails

When writing for your list, you really want to take your time crafting a highly targeted email that truly communicates with your subscriber base.

If you haven’t been sending out free offers to your list, you may want to consider first emailing them a few days in a row with fresh, free content, such as articles, or reports (it’s fine to use PLR reports and articles at this point. Just make sure they provide value.

The idea is to warm up your list and begin establishing a relationship with your subscriber base so that they are more likely to respond to your promotional based offers.

People want to feel as though they are being given valuable information by joining your newsletter, so it’s important that you strike a balance of high quality – free content and broadcasts and promotional based emails.

While there is no ‘content schedule’ that’s set in stone, you could consider sending out free content 3 times a week, and a promotional email 2-3 times a week, varying the broadcasts.

For Example:

  • Monday – Send out a free article relevant to your niche market
  • Tuesday – Send out another free article or report
  • Wednesday – Send out a promotional based email
  • Thursday – Send out a free article or report
  • Friday – Send out a promotional based email

Weekends: Give your list a break, or send out a combination of free content mixed in with a promotional based offer.

You’ll want to keep a pulse on how well your subscribers respond to your delivery cycle and make adjustments if needed.

Every subscriber base will respond differently, so it’s important that you really pay attention to open rates and the number of subscribers opting out of receiving further broadcasts.

When it comes to writing your first email, you want to take your time choosing a subject line.

Subject lines are similar to headlines on a sales page. They do the work of enticing readers to click on the email and read your content, so you need to make sure that it’s compelling and highly targeted.

Avoid being dishonest with your subscriber base.

Don’t use subject lines that make it sound like they’ve received a payment, or that you are responding to them, or any of that BS.

You want your list to take you seriously and to look to you as a credible source for quality information, so avoid using gimmicks.

Trust me, your list will appreciate it.

You can also start split testing email as your list grows. Split testing allows you to determine what works and what doesn’t, so start off by split testing subject lines, then move towards content layout and so on.

Keep improving your emails and growing as an email marketer. The more experience you have the better and in this case, practice makes perfect!

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