Step 3: Create Your Incentive Offer

You want your incentive offer to provide value, and if possible – be original.

The more targeted your incentive offer is, the easier it will be to convert visitors into subscribers, so you really need to think this through.

Offering just any old product, especially a private label product that’s already heavily saturated or in circulation will make it harder to convince visitors that it’s worth subscribing for.

So, consider the different ways that you could create an original product. One of the most affordable strategies is to write a simple report that provides an introduction on the topic or niche you’re focusing on.

Reports can be easily created just by stringing a series of articles together, or you could outsource a report by placing an ad within the freelance marketplaces, or hiring a writer from an industry forum or marketplace like

You might want to take a look at this (This is an affiliate link) Affilifunnels

When you create your giveaway report, you will want to embed your affiliate links within the content.

That way, you are able to offer your subscribers with a valuable product for free, but can also monetize the offer so that anyone interested in finding out more about the topic can click on your affiliate link and visit the merchants website.

One thing worth considering is cloaking your affiliate link.

A lot of people will either ignore links that look like they are affiliate links, or they will strip out your affiliate ID and visit the merchants website directly, so by cloaking your link, you’ll be able to maximize your income, ensuring that your links are well hidden.

One of the easiest ways to cloak affiliate links is by using free URL shortening services, like

But you can also set up attractive affiliate links by using a domain redirection or with the Pretty Links WordPress plugin.

Search for it on (the free version is all you need to start)

If you want to use domain redirection, you’d register a domain name that reflects the product you are promoting, and then point the domain to your affiliate link so that all traffic is instantly redirected to the merchants website.

For example, if you were planning to promote a product within the weight loss market, you could register a domain name, such as: and set it up to automatically redirect to your affiliate link, which in turn, automatically redirects to the merchants website.

Not only will this minimize leaked profits, but by using a domain redirection, your domain will actually rank within the search engines which can generate even more exposure from organic searches!

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