Step 6: Create Content

This step is when you will start creating content that you will use in future promotions and broadcasts as well as on your affiliate website.

You should spend the day writing 3-5 emails and plugging them into your autoresponder account so that they are delivered automatically whenever you get a new subscriber.

What happens is they get put into a cycle and begin receiving your emails based on the delivery times you’ve specified.

So your first email would be a welcome/introductory email that should thank them for joining and offer them a reason to stay (free content, eBook, etc).

You should always set aside one day a week for writing content so that you can keep your subscribers anxiously awaiting your next update.

The more you are able to plug into your back-end autoresponder system, the more easily it will be to automate your affiliate marketing campaigns!

In addition, by remaining consistent with your content delivery, your subscribers will know what to expect from you, and come to rely on it, boosting open rates and commissions.

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