6 Reasons Visitors Hate Your Website

Getting visitors to your website is the first major hurdle for any website owner.. keeping them there is another story.

If you arrived here by sheer accident and managed to read this far, I’ll do my best to make this article interesting enough for you to read to the end.

If you haven’t heard of “bounce rate” before, it’s a metric that measures the number of visitors who come to your site then leave it after viewing one page.. instead of exploring other pages on your website.

The longer they stay the more chance of them reading what you have to offer.

Here are some key reasons why your visitors don’t like your blog and decide to leave.

Reason 1: Visitors Hate Pop-ups

Everyone hates pop-ups.

Frankly, visitors are sick of the inconvenience of clicking out of those flashy in your face pop-ups. It’s akin to being rudely interrupted.

However, if they are placed carefully for example, to the side, they are less intrusive and are more likely to get looked at.

Reason 2: Click Baiting

Offering unrelated content with irrelevant links and big-ass buttons plastered everywhere will leave a bad impression for your visitor.

Shoving irrelevant stuff down their throats will have them leaving faster than a speeding bullet.

Think about why a visitor ends up on a specific page of your website and what they are looking for.

Annoying click bait content will almost certainly lead to high bounce rates.

Reason 3: Your Website Is Slow Loading

Page speed is an important ranking factor and not only does Google like fast loading websites, but your visitors do too.

Studies have shown 4 out of 10 people will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. That equates to real website visitors you are losing.

GTmetrix or Pingdom are creditable sites where you can test your websites loading time.

Reason 4: Visitors Hate Your Content

It’s just a fact; when someone visits your website they are looking for an answer/solution to a problem. If you are not offering them the answers/solution.. they will leave.

Regardless of what your niche is, quality content is key.. even if it is only 300 words, if it offers a solution to their problem, then your article has served it’s purpose.

Reason 5: Your Website Is Not Mobile Responsive

Mobile devices are a way of life; more searches take place on smart phones and tablets than on a laptop or desktop computer.

If your website is not mobile friendly then you are potentially losing a lot of website traffic.

Search engines like Google and Bing love websites that are mobile responsive.

Making sure your website is fully optimized for tablets and smart phones should be on your bucket list.

Reason 6: Site Navigation Is Confusing

Your website navigation matters a lot for the overall user experience.

A visitor may come to your site and like the first page they opened, but if your website navigation is confusing and not well set-out, they will get frustrated.

Make sure your site navigation is well planned out and makes sense to a first time visitor. If they are confused by your website or can’t get to where they want to go, you can expect to lose them.

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