making money online

Making Money Online And Becoming Disgustingly Rich

Making money online, is today’s digital gold rush. I know! It’s SIMPLY AMAZING that becoming disgustingly rich can be so easy! Disgustingly drunk – yeah, but rich? No way, Jose, I hear you say. Here’s a satirical take on the funny side of making money online… heck, you may even know this story. ARE YOU […]

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seo strategy

Sure Signs You’re Over-analyzing Your SEO Strategy

Your SEO strategy is indeed significant because it affects your traffic, your conversions and ultimately your revenue. The problem is that many times people over-think their approach and make it more complicated than it needs to be. That leads to headaches and frustration for website owners. While the specifics of optimization can be daunting at […]

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6 Reasons Visitors Hate Your Website

Getting visitors to your website is the first major hurdle for any website owner.. keeping them there is another story. If you arrived here by sheer accident and managed to read this far, I’ll do my best to make this article interesting enough for you to read to the end. If you haven’t heard of […]

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WP Plugins

8 Essential WP Plugins For Your New WP Blog

Are you feeling over-whelmed by the vast number of WP plugins to choose from? Have you spent hours on end reading review after review about which plugins are the best / worst? Below is a list of 8 essential easy to set-up WP plugins you can install on your brand new WordPress blog. Not because […]

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blogging ideas

Blog Topics From People’s Problems

Finding new blog topics to write about can be difficult. Creating content on a regular basis is an ongoing task. When you find yourself running out of interesting topics to blog about, the pressure of running a blog becomes a whole lot harder. And, as a result you might find yourself doing everything else but […]

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kindle publishing practices

Kindle Publishing No No’s – 3 Things You Should Never Do

You finally did it! You dotted the last ‘I’ crossed the final ‘T’ and uploaded your book to Amazons kindle publishing platform. Here are 3 things you should, without fail, avoid doing if you want your book to be taken seriously, whether it’s your first time publishing or your 100th. Arguing With Reviewers Yes that […]

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positive blogging

How To Stay Positive As A Full-Time Blogger

Blogging is a lot of work, but it also requires an immense amount of enthusiasm. If your heart is not in it anymore – either because you received a negative review or fail to see any current benefit – spiritual, monetarily or otherwise – it will come through in your writing. It will spell out […]

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traditional SEO techniques

Traditional SEO Equals Mind-Numbing Boredom

A spot on the first page in Google’s search results is the holy grail for most if not all website owners, and some site owners will go to outrageous lengths to try to obtain it. Like most things, traditional SEO has two sides: The white-hat side.. can be super beneficial. The black-hat side.. If you’re […]

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2 girls

Solo Ads – A Quick Way To Build A List

Some might argue that solo ads are dead and buried.. I disagree. If you want to build a subscriber list (which should be part of your business plan) solo ads are still one of the quickest ways to do that. Let me show you a screen shot.. That’s 84 new subscribers that have been generated […]

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Kindle publishing formula

Kindle Publishing Step-By-Step Formula

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know about the popularity of Amazon’s kindle publishing platform KDP Select. Even now in 2019 there’s never been an easier opportunity for making money online and starting an internet business, than with Amazon Kindle. Although other platforms exist that allow you to list your books, Amazon has […]

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